Interview on Back2CountryUK

Huge thanks to Kellie at Back2CountryUK for the interview! We talk about my background in music, my new music video for "Take Me Back" and possible tour dates in the UK. You can read the full interview by CLICKING HERE.

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Take Me Back Featured on Rocking Magpie

Thrilled to be the featured Friday Video on Rocking Magpie! We had a blast shooting the video for "Take Me Back." Huge thanks to Alan at Rocking Magpie for the kind words. :)

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New Music Video for Take Me Back

I'm so excited to release my new music video for "Take Me Back!" I wrote the song about having the courage to get out of an unhealthy relationship, take back your life and begin again with a fresh new start. We shot the video in several locations throughout the majestic red rock mountains of Southern Utah [...]

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Feature Interview on ArtistPR

Many thanks to ArtistPR for the interview! I truly appreciate your support. We talk about my music, the video for Sugar Fix and what inspired me to write the songs on my Sparks Will Fly EP. To see the full interview, CLICK HERE.

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Featured Artist on Bands ‘n Fans

Excited to be the featured artist on Brad Mercer's Bands 'n Fans this Saturday, March 25! Tune in to hear our interview along with my songs, Crushin' and Sparks Will Fly. The show airs at 4-6pm PST, 5-7pm MST, 6-8pm CST & 7-9pm EST. Visit Brad Mercer's Bands 'n Fans for show details. [...]

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No Better Time Featured on Music With A Conscience Podcast

Excited to have "No Better Time" included in the Music With a Conscience Podcast on Women of Substance Radio! I wrote "No Better Time" about how a little kindness goes a long way. I believe kindness matters, and the world could use more of it. "No Better Time" is also being picked up by radio [...]

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Interview with BeachFront Radio

I had a blast interviewing with BeachFront Radio! We talk about life, love and the stories behind my songs. Our interview and my music will be played on their station this week. Tune in to listen: Tues, 5 PM MST; Wed, 11am MST; Thurs, 7am MST and 6pm MST. Visit BeachFront Radio to listen on your [...]

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