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Song Title: Crushin’
Songwriters: Brenda Burch and Tyler Monks


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Verse 1
Can’t sleep, countin’ sheep ain’t workin’ for me
Tick tock of the clock, still wide awake
I wonder if I’m even on your mind
Without you here, I can’t unwind
Are you for real or a big mistake

Verse 2
Been lookin’ around to find me a good man
You’re picture perfect in my eyes
Though I don’t know you very well
You’re smokin’ hot and time will tell
How high the temperature will rise

I wanna hug you, squeeze you, I need you, baby
Don’t you know you drive me crazy
One kiss, and I can barely breathe
I wanna love you, please you, tease you, baby
Can’t you feel my heart is aching
What’s a girl to do, I’m crushin’ on you

Verse 3
Did up my hair and I got my nails done
Wearin’ high heels, put my lipstick on
Gonna drive myself by your house
Just to see if you’re in or out
Another day away is far too long


There ain’t no denying how I’m feeling
What a rush