Interview on Back2CountryUK

Huge thanks to Kellie at Back2CountryUK for the interview! We talk about my background in music, my new music video for "Take Me Back" and possible tour dates in the UK. You can read the full interview by CLICKING HERE.

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Sonic Breakfast Features Brenda Burch

Many thanks to Sean Tizzard for the feature on Sonic Breakfast! Describing Sparks Will Fly and Sugar Fix, he says, "This is pure pop and cream-coloured country. Leave your cynicisms at the door and it’s impossible not to entirely approve." Love it! Thank you! 🙏 Check out the full feature here:  Brenda Burch - [...]

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Sugar Fix Hits #2

 YEEHAW!! 🎉 Sugar Fix hit #2 on the Hotdisc Country Chart this week! Heartfelt thanks to all the DJs for playing it and the listeners for tuning in. 💕 Watch the music video by clicking here

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